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1, Known ‘Unified social credit code’ or ‘Company registration certificate No.’, and Company email address when register, please follow below steps to reset password:

(1) Please fill in the fields marked with “*” and click “Submit”’ button;

(2) After submit successfully, system will send an email to your company’s email address. The email contains login account and the new password link. Please kindly follow the steps in email to reset password.

2, If you forget Company email address when registered, please search or change it in IBS or NEEP.

3, Official website and service hotline

(1) Official website:



(2) Service hotline:

IBS: 010 - 58131370

NEEP: 400 010 4000

Remark: The format of ‘uniform Social Credit Code’ is 123456789ABCDEFGHI, total 18 digit numbers and does not contain ‘—’.

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